Results from the First Layton.rb Meeting

Posted by Ceaser Larry on December 7, 2006

I would say the first meeting for Layton.rb, a subsidiary of the Utah Ruby User Group, was a success. Doug and his wife were gracious hosts. They rearranged their home to make room for people and the projector. They also provided an abundant amount of food, drinks and snacks.

Although a majority of the people interested wasn’t able to attend we did have a total of eight people make it. In a way that worked out nicely since space would have been an issue. We are trying to reserve a bigger area for future events, but at the moment nothing has been secured.

I think the group will have a large number of inexperienced Rubyist. So if you are interested but the first Tuesday of the month doesn’t work for you send a email to and we’ll see what works best for everyone.

Thanks Pat and Kevin for coming down all the way from Provo and speaking.

UPDATE: There were actually nine people.