Trends and Fashion

Posted by Ceaser Larry on April 25, 2008

I’ve been working back to back consulting projects for sometime now. I’m finally found some time last weekend to come up for air and similar to someone who hasn’t had a night out since disco. I’m finding a lot has changed.

Subversion is out of fashion. Git is in. There is a lot of promising commercial Ruby development environments on all platforms now. I’m planning on checking out 3rdRail and Aptana. IronRuby is looking good and it might bring hope to my fellow .NET detainees. Rodney has put in a lot of work migrating the entire RubyCLR project to use more object-oriented practices. RSpec is differentiating itself from classic testing and I really want to use it for my next Rails project. But, the most seductive technology for me right now is the iPhone SDK. It is definitely the new black.

As I write this entry and head back to work I realize that some things seem to never change. It stills a pain to create unit tests with .NET.